Violin Lessons For Kids

Violin Lessons For Kids

There are many teachers who offer violin lessons for kids, so children can start at a young age. Children from the age of 5 can attend lessons together with a parent. The violin teacher can sing, clap and play songs together with the kids. The child can do playful technique exercises on the violin and learn to read notes. 

Children around the age of 10 can study fairly independently. Before that time the help of the parent is needed to guide this and to plan time for it. Count on 15 x 30 minutes 4 times a week to repeat the parts of the lesson, then the student can take another step in the next lesson. 

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6 Tips on Violin Lessons For Kids

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As a parent, you have an important task to guide your child as well as possible in learning to play one of the most difficult musical instruments.

In this article, I give 6 tips on what you can do as a parent to maximize the results the child has in the violin lesson. This way you keep your child motivated and your child can develop optimally musically.

Tip 1: Be present in class and listen
In my teaching practice, I have experienced that students whose parents are involved and interested in the violin lesson are making better progress. Some parents walk away when class starts and pick up their child later. They have no idea what is happening in class and therefore cannot offer their child at home when practicing.

You can support your child in a beautiful way by being present in class for half an hour a week. That way you can get more out of the violin lesson.

Warning: never interfere in class. Although your intention may be good, you disrupt the learning process in this way. Let the teacher do his / her work. You do not know everything that the teacher has in his / her lesson plan. Much more happens in a violin lesson than can be seen at first sight by the layman.

Tip 2: Realize that your role is vital to your child’s development on the violin 
Children are unable to study their homework independently. Learning to play the violin or viola is very difficult and it is a very long way. Your child is still too young to do everything yourself. Your help and support mean a lot to them.

Ideally, you take a few violin lessons yourself, so that you know some basic techniques and what it is and how it feels. This way you can support your child even better in practicing … but don’t teach your child: there is a chance that your child will learn things wrong.

Tip 3: Supervise your child in the practice
You know about your school time and possible study what it is like to study and do homework. Sometimes a child can only muddle up and ignore the homework. From your experience with homework and studying, in general, you can guide your child to do the right exercises.

Tip 4: Realize that children cannot plan
Yup, their brains are simply not able to plan until somewhere in puberty … or much later … It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your child is exercising daily. Do not blame the teacher or your child if your child does not practice enough. This is really your job.

Tip 5: A lot more happens in class than you might look at first sight
Discuss your child’s progress with the teacher every now and then in class. The teacher can tell you more about the goals, struggles, and the ‘bigger plan’. If you understand more about this, you can better guide your child in the practice. Also, do not try to understand everything and do not ask the teacher about it: after all, you do not follow a violin teacher training.

Tip 6: Don’t give up quickly
It takes many years of practice and lessons for your child to master the basics of playing the violin. It is an interesting and fun trip, but it is a long-term venture. Playing the violin is not something you can try out in a few lessons. It takes years before you even know what it really is. Motivate your kid for a minimum of 12 months … which is providing a fair chance to the violin. A few lessons do not disclose anything yet. A trial lesson is only useful to get to know the teacher.

Your role of being a parent is critical. Beautiful violin playing is a collaboration of the teacher, the student, and the parent (s).

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