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Private Home Tuition Rates Singapore 2019 – 2020

Looking for private home tuition rates in Singapore? These rates are according to the average quoted prices of tutors throughout the last few months and will merely work as a reference to you. Generally, the quoted price can vary accordingly with the tutor’s qualification, timetable, experience, and location.


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Price Table of Home Tuition Rates Singapore 

Level Of Student A Level Undergrad Full Time  Teacher
Preschool 15-20 20-25 25-35 40-50
Pri 1-3 18-22 20-25 30-35 40-50
Pri 4-6 20-25 25-30 30-40 50-60
Sec 1-2 20-35 25-30 40-50 60-70
Sec 3-5 25-35 30-35 40-60 60-70
ITE 25-35 30-35 40-60 80-100
JC/ Poly N.A. 35-40 50-70 100-120
Language for Adults 20-30 20-35 30-50 50-70

*** Note: Tuition fees are based on per hourly basis.

Rates are different according to the home tutor’s practical experience and also qualification.
The rates mentioned above are based on (SGD) Singapore’s dollars.

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Generally, the future success of a child relies on his education attainment. with every passing year, the Education System of Singapore is becoming more academically challenging. Those days are gone in which students can score well in examinations by just being attentive in class congested with Thirty to forty pupils sharing A single teacher’s attention. At this stage, private tuition is becoming more important.

Getting Home Tuition is the difference between acquiring an A or B grade. The difference in grade determines if a student is able to enter into the University Course of his choice. And also as we understand, a selection of University courses is a crucial element in choosing a career route. As highlighted, everything comes down to the option of Home Tuition, and that’s why it is a common practice for students to have private tuition in Singapore.

Rather than seeing Home Tuition is an extra expense, view it as an investment that will pay back down the road at some point.

The advantages of Private Tuition:

1-to-1 Focus
Private Tuition is generally performed in a one to one session. Therefore the learner can benefit from undivided attention from the educator, and it is very likely to focus because there are much fewer interruptions in comparison to a group environment. Because of this the time allocated to tuition is a lot more productive and can produce better results.

Better Connections
Individualized home tuition environments also imply that the tutor can have an understanding of the student’s behavioral habits, and also create closer connections with the learner. This will be significant as tutors can encourage pupils in a customized approach that works best. Parents will be able to acquire better and in-depth feedback concerning the student’s academic advancement.

Advanced Planning
Getting private tuition not merely enables learners to revise current concepts, but additionally enables them to prepare in advance of the school’s program. This allows pupils to be ready ahead of time for school lessons, and therefore have the ability to contribute more actively in class discussions and perform much better in school works.

Acquiring Home Tuition generally leads to learners attaining much better academic achievement, which also creates self-confidence. When a learner has obtained confidence in his/her academic capabilities, they’ll also have the ability to concentrate and perform better in various other school activities like their CCAs.

If you have any questions about the home tuition rates Singapore, feel free to call us for a discussion.

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