H1 and H2 Math Tutor

H1 and H2 Math Tutor

Looking for h1 and h2 Math tutor in Singapore? To learn H1 and H2 Maths students need a great comprehension of the formulae concerned and ways to use them. Lecturers will perform the required coaching, yet aren’t always ready to answer all the students’ questions because they have got a training program to adhere to along with other pupils to take care of within a short time. To be able to overcome this, private tuition is essential!

Learners will get their questions answered immediately with the aid of a maths tutor. They do not need to be worried about waiting in the queue as the focus is going to be completely provided to them. This will make studying h1/h2 maths much easier and less tiresome.

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Rates For H1 and H2 Math Tutor

H1/H2 Maths Tuition
Tuition Rate

A-Level Tutor:
SGD$30 – 40/hour

Undergraduate Tutor:
SGD$35 – $45/hour

Graduated Tutor:
SGD$50 – $60/hour

Full-time Tutor/NIE Trainee:
SGD$60- $70/hour

Ex/Current School Teacher:
SGD$100 – $120/hour

*Tuition rates vary based on the tutor’s experience and qualifications.
Your preferred location day and timing

As students advance further in the system of education, the degree of difficulty in Math also will increase. Students would often become stressed with the hindrance in their path and many of them may not even be in a position to deal with it by themselves. No matter what, we will certainly have a thing to offer you.

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Math, the good news
Everyone can do the math. Getting satisfaction for math is possible for everyone, including your child!

Math, the bad news
Everyone can do the math. It is only a lot of work for some students. Math is doing, doing and doing and that takes some students a lot of time.

Follow these 6 steps to get a pass for mathematics
1. Pay attention in class and participate actively. Your teacher gives extra explanations and tips that are not in the book. Make notes of this in your notebook. This helps with homework and learning the test at home.

2. Do all your homework. Also, make the exercises that you do not immediately understand. Your teacher can better help you with a half-completed assignment than with an empty paper.

3. Check your homework. Not only crossed out a wrong answer but also analyze what went wrong. Did you read the question correctly? Have you made a calculation error? Or do you not understand the sum? If you work in this way you will gain insight faster.

4. You do not understand?
read the colored boxes with explanation again
take into account the examples from the boxes
ask for an explanation from the teacher or fellow student
search explanation on the internet

5. Work accurately and completely. So mention calculations, intermediate steps and units otherwise you lose valuable points. In mathematics, the “road to it” is more important than the answer.

6. Learning mathematics consists of 30% theory learning and 70% practice I read on the site of a math teacher. In preparation for the test, you, therefore, learn the theory and practice with sums to apply the theory.

Get an effective H1 Aand H2 Math tutor to help you now!

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