Frequency Asked Questions

faq for finding a home tutor

How to request for a private tutor?
You can fill up the contact form, and our friendly coordinators will contact you for more details. You may also call us directly at 98248019.

What if I have specific requirements?
Yes, you may tell us your requirements when looking for a home tutor. We will try our best to source and locate someone who best suit your needs.

What are the tuition fee rates for different academic levels?
Please refer to the tuition rate section. The actual fees can vary according to individual tuition assignment due to various aspects such as tutors’ experiences, qualification, the location of tuition, number of subjects, demand for the tutors and some other factors.

Is your service chargeable?
Our service is free of charge because we take commission from the tutors. There isn’t any hidden cost, and we’ll inform you of the fee upfront if applicable.

How do I make payment?
For the 1st 2 weeks’ lessons, you’ll pay the tuition fees to our agency as a commission. For the following payment (every two weeks or month, based upon the arrangement in between you and your tutor), you’ll pay the tuition fees directly to him/ her.

What payment methods do you have?
You will be able to transfer the fee to us by using online or ATM bank transfer, pay lah, pay now or by cheque. Or not, we can also arrange a despatch to collect from you at your convenient time.

Can I request the tutor to purchase the assessment books for my kid?
Yes, you can. Parent will need to pay for the assessment book (receipt will be presented), except in cases where your tutor consents to pay for it. Having said that, we’d strongly suggest you to start the first lesson first so that the tutor will be able to determine the standard of the kid to get the suitable guide and materials.

What if I have a conflict with the tutor?
You can contact us immediately. We’ll investigate and if needed, replace the tutor instantly. We’re strongly against irresponsible home tutors. As being a reliable tuition agency, we have been making an effort to uncover the ‘black sheep’ among the committed tutors in order to blacklist them. By providing your observation as well as experience with the tutor, you’re assisting other parents and are greatly appreciated.

What if I wish to change my tutor after a few lessons?
Definitely. In some cases, some pupils are trying hard to correspond with the tutor and perhaps if it does not work out after some time, we deeply appreciate the patience, time and effort. Do contact us, and we will locate a more suitable tutor for you.

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