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Are you a parent or student looking for a home tutor in Singapore?  Care 2 Learn Tutoring Agency aims to offer top quality tutor-matching services for students at any areas in Singapore. We will always put your tuition needs as our main concern!

Hence, we will select home tutor based on their profiles and educational qualifications. We will continue to serve you and make certain that your kid gets the very best tuition experience from our home tutors. 

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We have a team of full-time coordinators who have worked with us for many years. They have wide connection with lots of experienced private tutors.

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Established since 1998 whereby internet was not popular, we have served more than 70,000 parents/students. 

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We have a huge database of 20,000 home tutors. Many of them have received good feedback from our parents and students. We will send you the profile of the tutor to assess.

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As being a tuition agency in Singapore, we offer totally free private tuition matching services for preschool, primary, secondary, JC and Poly students.

At Care 2 Learn Tutoring, we endeavor to improve students’ learning experience by offering them experienced home tutor to meet their learning needs. We encourage students to build relationships our home tutors and develop a real interest in the subjects. Our tutors travel to all districts in Singapore to teach all levels and subjects. 

To develop a solid foundation in a kid's education, offering home tuition to them is a wonderful way to achieve that. We merely match good-quality tutors to our students, therefore our network of home tutors is frequently maintained.

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polytechnic tuition necessary?

Education in Singapore

Education in Singapore has been important from the start A great deal was invested in education to stimulate the economy. To date, 20 percent of the national budget is still being spent on education in Singapore. This is a lot, because education is still seen as very important! People sometimes talk about a miracle when it comes to a Singaporean education system. In Singapore you will find different cultures everywhere, including in education. Do you want to know more about the top quality and the possibilities in education in Singapore? 

education in Singapore

There are 185 primary schools in Singapore, 154 secondary schools, 14 junior colleges and 16 schools that combine the latter two. The basic language of education is English, but Singapore is a multicultural society, making it compulsory to learn an additional language: Malay, Chinese or Tamil. In the first years of primary education, emphasis is placed on learning these languages, together with arithmetic. However, some children cannot handle learning multiple languages, for which a special program has been created with only one language.

Building education in Singapore

Children attend six years of primary education before going to secondary education. When they go to secondary school, the children can make a choice. You can choose a normal secondary school, a specialized school, an "express school" - these offer fast education - or a private school. After secondary education, it is possible to move on to junior colleges, or polytechnic followed by universities.

Special education

The education system of Singapore is of high quality, but sometimes children with special attention have difficulties. Fortunately, there are enough schools that have a special focus on children who do not feel at home in regular education. There are teachers available who have experience with children with learning difficulties. There are also around 20 special schools with adapted programs, especially for children with more severe physical and mental disabilities.

Universities in Singapore

When you study at one of the universities as a resident of Singapore, you have to take into account that the top universities are only accessible to the best students in the country. The selections that are made go back to primary school, so the entire learning process is important! The system is very different than in other countries, there is more noticeable hierarchy in the lessons. The teacher gives the lessons and lectures, the questions are asked after the lesson. 

More information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Education in Singapore.

Singapore's Goal: The Best Education in The world

In Singapore we seem to be the best at everything. The lowest crime rates, the least addicts in the world. But also: the best education in the world. Singaporean fifteen-year-olds score best on all tests on tests that are administered throughout the world.

It has never happened that in this PISA test one country on mathematics, language and natural sciences was the best. Until Singapore started to participate. Teachers around the world look with jealousy at these results. How does the small Asian city-state manage this?

Journalist Luuk Ex finds out. Together with his brother, teacher Erik Ex, it is the last leg of a long educational journey. They visit schools in countries such as Finland, Estonia, Russia, Turkey, Georgia and India in an old Volkswagen van. They spoke with students, teachers and educational researchers looking for good education. They saved the best until the end: Singapore.

Mysterious success

Education became essential for the country to work independently in 1965. The city-state without natural resources saw it as one of the pillars in the struggle for survival between great powers in Malaysia and Indonesia. Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew (1965 - 1990) repeatedly stressed the importance of education. Singapore was to become a modern prosperous and self-aware country. Education would become a basis for this endeavor. A knowledge economy had to be built. In the meantime, the various population groups were forged into a unit in the classroom.

When the brothers arrive in Singapore, it is hard to figure out how the Singaporeans are doing. They visit the Nanyang Girls' High School, the most prestigious school in the country. At this school, students achieve the best results from Singapore. However, how they do that remains a mystery to Erik. He sees classes with sometimes 36 students, there are telephones on the table. The premises do not even have air conditioning. Surprising in tropical Singapore. Is this it now?

Work ethics

Then they are pointed to the Singaporean work ethic. In Singapore the school day is end at three o'clock. But that does not mean that they stop learning. Singaporean children are busy all day. Erik and Luuk look on the top floor of a shopping mall. There are tutoring institutions everywhere. Singaporean parents are convinced of the importance of tutoring. If children can do a job well, the parents want them to get the most out of their talent.

In short, to tutoring. If a child is not yet able to do a course properly, the opposite reasoning applies: for this course they have to keep up. In short, also to tutoring. Much Singaporean education therefore does not take place at all in the schools. The Singaporean home tuition industry is huge. Some private tuition teachers are so famous that they convert more than one million a year. Meanwhile the Singaporean children are busy every day. 

That starts from an early age. More and more Singaporean toddlers and preschoolers do not go to the day care center, they go to preschool . The brothers see how the youngest Singaporeans are prepared playfully for school life. The preschools are professionally organized. Children are playfully exposed to arithmetic, Chinese and reading. That is a serious matter for the Singaporeans. The development of the first years is essential for the rest of life.


In Singapore, despite the good results, there is fierce criticism of its own system. Jason Tan is a policy researcher at the Singaporean teacher training college. In an interview with the brothers, he states that education is too focused on performance. Education has become a competition for parents. Everyone tries to be the best in the group through expensive tutoring and preschool education. According to Tan, the well-being of children is now in danger.

In the meantime, he also sees the benefits of the system. It is exceptionally tightly organized. The Ministry of Education have close links with the schools. The latest educational insights from abroad can be introduced quickly and easily. In addition, new teachers receive thorough training. The students even get paid during their study time. Talents are attracted in this way. When they have finished their studies, they can specialize within the system. They are further trained within the schools.